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Three Gees

by Baba Sissoko

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Aiulado 06:33
Save the children. All of the children need help. Rich or poor, they gain the world. The children of today will be the men of tomorrow. If the poor kid, the orphan or the one in need gets some help, he can find his own way and have a successful life.
Kali Baba 02:29
I'm saying don't follow him. What he says to me and what he says to you aren't the same. Don't trust in him because he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know how to make it and he doesn't know anything about it. The only thing he really knows is how to destroy. He isn't happy to see others happy and tries, with all his strength, to make the other people sad and unlucky. He is a bad mouth. I pay him no mind. You should pay him no mind. Nobody should care about him.
I'm going slowly. You have to go slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. Everything you do should be done with love, energy, prudence and patience. You have all the time to make what you love to do. Keep calm and be patient. In order to create a family, you need patience and deep thinking for every decision that must be made. By this way you can build villages, cities and nations.
A Bo Li La 03:40
nemies ran away when they found out that they were wrong. They realized they attacked the holy land! Mali was built with the help and sharing of different ethnicity and cultures. Guided by friendship, fraternity and mutual trust, they keep on living in peace and harmony.
Black Rock 03:14
Everyone has his own personality. Everyone has their own character. Everyone has their chain to break. The good advice from real friends makes everything easier. It helps you to live better. My suggestion is don't marry two women and stay with your wife and your sons. They will get equal education and the same love without the difference and struggling from the separated family. By this way, your love to the family will be strong and pure because it is undivided.
Pay no mind to the ones who talk about others behind their back. Don't pay attention to them otherwise your life will be ruined for nothing; don't listen to them because they will divide your family for nothing; don't listen to them cause they will destroy your dreams for nothing. Just keep the faith and go with love and strength.
Kele Kele 04:57
I'm so scared about the health and the future of our children. Don't let the business kill the values. We don't need a war. War is not necessary to supply our needs. We should look at this time and remember about our childhood days. We laughed, we were happy and now we are in despair because the war has killed our sons, our families and our friends. We need to find a solution quickly for the future. We're gonna save the world.
E Mamada 03:43
A song that a grandma and her niece uses for stirring up each other and starting the game. Niece said that she is ready to make the party and starts dressing her parkling in unique clothes. Grandma replies that she owns the best one because it is larger and the more colourful. You should dress in your finest and cleanest clothes on the party day, and the grandma knows that the niece will get her dress dirty just before going to the party. It happens all the time. The niece starts to cry and the grandma surprises her with a new dress, fancier than the other, that she has made with love just for her. It is a dress that looks exactly like the grandma's one, big and colourful. The happy niece screams: “Thank you, thank you! Up with grandmothers!!!!”
Angha Sabali 03:22
Keep calm, keep calm. The world needs calm. Everybody needs calm to live in peace. We must accept each other, pay respect to each other and not allow others' negative energy to stop us.
Griot 05:11
In Mali, they say Griot and the word Griot means multiple things. If somebody called you Griot, it means that you are somebody who can build different things and resolve ethnic conflicts and family troubles either in small towns or crowded cities. Malians consider the Griot as the messenger, the teller and the keeper of history. The Griot is the one who announces the weddings, births and the deaths: the one who brings peace and reconciliation between couples, brothers, friends and neighborhours. Everybody listen to the words he says and respects him because he knows the history of the village and what a misunderstanding
Baba is here. The library is here. The messenger is here. Djeli Maka Sissoko's is here. The grandson of Djaturu Sissoko is here and the grandson of Djeli Baba Sissoko is also here. He is here with his own message that speaks about light. Everyone needs light to live. The light that Baba carrys with him is an ancient light that comes from the past, from the two souls of his family, and the paternal one and the maternal one, that still today, are lightining up his way. It is a strong light because it keeps the same virtues of the past and is ready to embrace new cultures from the world.


Most fans of the blues believe it was born in the Mississippi delta shortly before 1900. They are definitevely wrong.
The blues had its roots in other forms of older black music that are traced to the music of West Africa. In that sense, Mali music constituting the DNA of the blues and the griots can be identified as the direct ancestors of the rural bluesmen.
Baba Sissoko is from Mali and he is the last undisputed griot alive.
His voice evokes the lost vibe of the deepest and wildest side of west Africa.
A magic land that he largely crossed since his childhood in singing and playing with his legendary grandfather Djeli Baba Sissoko.

With the help of the soulful voices of Djeli Mah Damba Koroba and Djana Sissoko, respectively his mother and his young daughter he recorded “Three Gees”.

They are the voices of the past, the present and the future living in the twilight zone where the malian roots blooms into a new sound of hope and happiness.

Involved are also Fernando "Bugaloo" Velez (The Dap-kings, Antibalas) on percussions and the grammy winner Corey Harris on slide guitar.

Somebody called it as Bambara Mystic Soul, we dig it and really hope you enjoy listening this album as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Recorded and mixed by Luca Sapio and mastered by the grammy winner Brian Lucey.


released April 16, 2015

Produced and mixed by Luca Sapio at Blind Faith Studios Roma.
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Studio L.A.


all rights reserved



Baba Sissoko Mali

Born in Bamako (Mali), Baba Sissoko is the undisputed master of tamani (the original talking drum), that he started to play since he was a child (thanks to the teaching of his grand-father Djeli Baba Sissoko)
Baba Sissoko plays also ngoni, kamalengoni, guitar, balaphon, calebasse, sildrum and… he sings!
He is from a great and ancient dynasty of griots from Mali.
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